Thursday, October 7, 2010


Ok if i were to say i'll do requests, i'd probably not do well at all. So instead i'm going to let you guys say who you would like to see me draw and i'll try it. Here are some shows i kno and or like and will draw from for sure:
Bleach, Futurama, Family Guy, Pokemon, Code Geass, American Dad, Simpsons...You get the point. Cartoon/Anime characters so far... and also @Pandor42 no i only sketch/copy characters i like. i hope to one day draw a pic that i just made up. Like for example: i wanna draw a pic of Ichigo and Inoue like holding hands or something. Since you asked for some pics of my sketches before their finished, i'll post some. Tomorrow i plan to try drawing Grimmjow from Bleach...but i don't know how well it'll turn out. Depending on that i'll post some pics of him before i finish. Usually i start out by drawing everything in pencil and like shade and whatnot, ya know, try to get it just like the actual pic. Then i go outline everything in sharpie, then erase all the pencil. Then color it with colored pencils. Where in that process exactly would you like a pic? Let me know and i'll post the pics for ya! :) thanks everyone for all the nice comments!! I'm glad you all like my art!! ^-^
Also i shall post a pic of Leela that i drew a long time's the one of Also i'll try to get my brother to track down some i did for him long ago and take pics and send them to me to post. :)


  1. Draw the whole simpsons family :)

  2. yosh~! i shall start a list and take down your names so i can dedicate them to you! it'll probably take some time though...but i'll do my best!! :)

  3. nice idea for a blog :)
    I haven't watched Bleach in a while, though
    Maybe you can spark my interest again :D

  4. that's my goal now! you should check out my fan art! i posted like 3 posts with 'em. read it again!

  5. Sounds cool but I don't know what you should draw >.<