Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Fan Art!

Here's some of my fan art!
Kurosaki Masaki and Kuchiki Rukia 
(Ichigo's mom) I drew Rukia first then made Masaki bigger than i expected

Ururu and Enraku
the bear is Inoue's

Kurosaki Ichigo
from when he was talking to his dad at Masaki's grave. It's not my best

Asano Keigo

Inoue Orihime
shut up i know. that's how the picture i copied it from was!!

Ichimaru Gin
   i don't like his eyes

Karin &Yuzu, Rukia, and Inoue
Karin & Yuzu are sleeping in the same bed because it's the anniversary of Masaki's death

Ichigo, Inoue, Rukia, and Yuzu
                                assortment of pics from volume 1

Arisawa Tatsuki
her hair on the right side was not in the pic so i tried my best to create it. it didn't turn out well...

Hope they weren't too bad lol! Thanks for looking! :)

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

IchiHime or IchiRuki?

Which pairing do you like better? Why?
Personally i support ichixruki friendship!! ichixhime all the way baby!! This is a big discussion and i'm gonna put most of my thoughts in this post. Orihime has liked Ichigo since before the beginning of bleach. It started out with her already liking him. Yeah it's true that Ichigo went to Soul Society to save Rukia, but who wouldn't?? I mean she saved his life for crying out loud!! I mean if someone saved your life, would you not try to help save theirs too if they needed it? Or would you say 'Oh I'm sorry. You saved me but i don't wanna save you.'? Heck no! Plus they were friends!! Over the couple months she befriended everyone there! Everyone went to save her! Rukia still loves Kaien-dono. Maybe she loves Ichigo but more like a brother and definitely as a friend. I'm a fan of the childhood friends pairings. Like Rukia and Renji. Renji already loves Rukia and i suspect she loves him too. So that takes care of RenRuki. :) Now why i think IchiHime works. She loves him!!! He was willing to go into Hueco Mundo alone for her!! He went through tough battles and kept getting injured so he could save Orihime! Just like Nel tells Orihime, when he heard Ulqiorra-sama say her name, Itsygo charged right at him!! Not to mention the fact that he came back from the freaking dead to protect her! People argue that she shouldn't have been scared of his mask. Her brother was a hollow and attacked her (and Ichigo)! Hollows are scary! And to think that the person she loves is one would make anyone terrified! She still loves him though! Oh and the whole reason for her going to Hueco Mundo was to protect Ichigo (and everyone else)! She was only allowed to say goodbye to one person, and she chose Ichigo!! I'm convinced he loves her too or other wise he wouldn't have come back from the dead as a monster, which he hates, to save her! So i rest my case. I would like to hear your input too. Thanks for taking the time to read! :)

Sunday, September 26, 2010

theories for bleach

**there may be spoilers depending on where your at in the manga!! my theory will have spoilers for 421 so read only if you don't mind :)**

so tensa zangetsu told ichigo that if he used the final getsuga then he would loose his shinigami powers. and before he learned it, his dad told him that theres a reason they (they being the zanpakutos-being isshin's and ichigo's) don't want to teach this move. and we all know that way back in like episode 115, or close to there, when isshin killed 'grand fisher' he told uruhara-san that its good to have his powers back. and also he was talking to ishida's dad (whose name escapes right now) he said something about it being like 20 years. i promise i'll look it up tomorrow and make sure so bear with me for now. anyways this is my theory: isshin used the final getsuga and lost his shinigami powers but after a while he finally got them back, so why can't ichigo do the same thing? i know it'll take a while but theres still hope for him. :) i'm also hoping uruhara-san will have some way for ichigo to get his powers back sooner... idk these are just theories and wishful thinking... i was really sad cuz i thought maybe bleach may be ending soon since they just sealed away aizen and he lost his shinigami powers and what not. but then i was all "wait what about the royal guard and what not??" they haven't said anything about that dude so it like can't end!!! plus i've always had a hope really that ichigo's mom isn't dead. she's just in the royal guard or something...i know its just wishful thinking but whatever... plus the fourth movie coming out is supposed to be cannonz for like ichigo's master of full hollowfication or something or so i've read.
hope you enjoyed your theories! i'd like to hear yours too if you wanna share them. :)


my name is Samara Christensen. i started this blog for fun. i TOTALLY love bleach!! but i despise the english version!!! they really ruin it. anyways...i've been a fan of bleach for about a year. i'm caught up on the anime and the manga. i am excited because the fourth movie is coming out in Dec. but it wont be subbed for like a year... :( anyways i'll just post stuff about bleach and other things here! thanks for taking time to read my blog. i appreciate it!! :)