Tuesday, November 30, 2010

I'm Gonna Die!!! D:

I'm gonna die!!! Some of you may be asking yourself 'Why Samara? Why are you going to die? Your too awesome to die!' Well thank you for saying I'm awesome, but sadly I am not. But I'll tell you why. I just watched Bleach 299 (which was a preview of the next movie: Bleach 4: Jigoku hen), and now I know that it's going to be FEAKING AWESOME!!!!!! And since the movie probably won't be subbed and up online for me to watch for like a year, that's why I'm going to die!! I'll give you a summary of the last episode. Shrieker came back! (You all know Shrieker. He was one of the first hollows in Bleach! He was the one who went to Hell! He's the only hollow thats ever gone to Hell in the show. He had the little bug things with the bombs.) Anyways, he came back to the World of the Living. But he had a different mask on and a weird cloak on. He also had chains. The chains were beacuse he's a 'Sinner of Hell'. After Rukia and Renji fought him, to where it seemed like he was falling down to the ground dead, a hole opens up and he went back to Hell. Then it goes to Soul Society. To the 'Emergency Captain's Meeting'. Yamamoto says he's sending  Kuchiki Rukia and Abarai Renji to the World of  the Living to investigate. Ukitake-san asked if they would ask for the help of the Shinigami Representive Kurosaki Ichigo. Yamamoto said 'NO!' He said they are not to involve Kurosaki Ichigo under any cirrcumstances. Then it goes back to Hell. And guess who's back??? That's right! It was Szyaelaprro and Aaroniero!! Their about to fight each other when Shuren stops them. Shuren is a guy who has a mask and chains just like any other sinners. He tells them that the only way to survive Hell is to follow him. They fight (they being Shuren and Szyaelappro). Szyaelappro uses Gran Rey Cero, and Shuren is all 'So that's the power of an espada?' So he (i'm pretty sure) kills him. Then he tells some of his minions that their dark days are about to come to an end. Then he holds up a little lantern with fire in it and in the flames is Ichigo's hollow form from when he fought Ulquiorra. He said 'As I expected. It looks like it has to be you. I will bring you down Kurosaki Ichigo.' Then it ended.

So that my friends is why I am going to go crazy until I get to see this movie. I'm probably going to watch it raw anyways...
So until next time my awesome followers! :D

Sunday, November 28, 2010

┌( ಠ_ಠ)┘ yeah again

so wahts up? i'm off work fir the next two days! what am i gonna do?? i'll probably draw....and eat candy canes! so anyways here's two more pics i did when i stayed up for 36 hours straight! :D

Friday, November 26, 2010

black friday!

so what did my awesome followers get for black friday? i got community season 1 and a fedora and also i got the third and fouth books in the percy jackson series. and also bleach! episodes 110-121! i had fun! :D

also i recently saw wicked the play/musical and i loved it! i drew a pic of the program which i will post later! :D

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

ehh idk

i havent posted in a while! so i'm posting!! how is my followers doing?? i hope well! whos your fave band? let me know!

Monday, November 15, 2010

i got my hair did!!!!

okay so my awesome sister-in-law did my hair! she did it yesterday! she cut off a good 11 inches!!! can you believe it? and we darkened it too!!! heres a pic! hope you like it! i'll probably post more later cuz im soooo happy with the way it looks! ^__^

Thursday, November 11, 2010

An old pic of me and my bubba

i found this pic and i liked it and decided to post it here. I find it really cute and somewhat nostalgic.... So anyways here it is. We're in my mom's old car. A Nissan Altima. i believe it was a 94 the same year i was born...
^__^ enjoy

Monday, November 8, 2010


Gomenasai! Hontoni!! I'm really really sorry!! i hasn't had internet for the last week or so so i didn't has a way to post!!! i really really sorry about that too!!! So anyways i'll catch you up on what i've been doing since my last post..... ok lets see... i went camping last weekend....i've been working.....i got a bank account!! i really happy about that.....oh and i guess i started reading White Collar fanfics. Its funny cuz i don't even watch that show....yet. i was reading my favs again oneday (faves being fanfictions) then i was all i'll try one. and i was hooked! so now i read White Collar fanfics! but only the ones with lots of Neal whumpage!! lol i kno i is sick and twisted and messed up but.....i kinda don't care! lol so i'm gonna go read some more of WCfanfics. then i'ma go watch it from the beginning! lol i'll post again tomorrow hopefully!

also i forgot. i just watched last weeks bleach and i have to put this! in it Aizen tells Ichigo that all his battles were apart of his plan yatta yatta yatta. They show Aizen sitting in front of a computer screen and on the screen it shows the battles of Ichigo. I was all 'hey! even Aizen watches bleach on the computer!!! lol!' i thinks i really said lol out loud... lol lates!