Thursday, October 28, 2010

First Day at Work! :D

So today was my first day of work! As you already know, i'm a cashier at the Sapulpa Wal Mart!! Today was just orientation. All we did was fill out paperwork, watch gay videos about spills and how to lift crap with less chance of back injury, then we played a game where your a customer in a new store. You roll a dice (di or whatever but i felt weird just putting di...) land on different spaces and depending on what those spaces said your overall liking of the store went up or down. Okay so i know i suck at explaining things but just bare with me please. So after that we took a tour of the store, like all through the back. We learned a little about the history of Wal Mart too. Like the first store opened in 1962. Just useless stuff like that. But since i'm a minor, i can only work up to 6 hours. They only have me scheduled 5 and a half everyday i work. But before i get to do any real cashiering, i have to do this series of computer stuff. I'm unclear on what exactly it is but they call it CBL. Like i kno that it stands for Computer Based Learning, but i don't kno what it is that i'll be learning. So since i only work 5 1/2  hours a day, i'll be completing all of that when i go to work. Starting tomorrow. It's supposed to take a few days. Then i'll go up to the front and be trained! I can't wait!! :D

Okay so now its time for some Bleach posting!!!


So other than work, the new arc of Bleach started Wednesday!! Its called 'Lost Shinigami Representative Arc'. The new arc takes place 17 months from the final battle with Aizen. Ichigo is now 17. Tatsuki grew out her hair. Ishida is now stuck with hollow duty since the actual shinigami rep. sucks. And since Ichigo can't see ghosts anymore. Ichigo is talking about how the shinigami daiko badge he still has, and the awesome moves he trained really hard for, is like the only proof he has of his being a shinigami. Then this mysterious guy shows up and had his bag stolen from a thug. Ichigo, being the totally nice and awesome guy he is, beat the crap out of the thug and got the bag back for the mysterious guy. Then mystery guy offers to buy Ichigo ramen. After Ichigo politely declines, you see the guy reaching in his bag or something, then it shows a shinigami daiko badge and him saying 'You're surprisingly wary...' On the last page you see him with a sinister look on his face, and he finishes what he was saying with 'Kurosaki Ichigo'!! So this dude could be trouble!!

I think that covered it all. Now i do believe that may be my longest post yet. Not including pics. Speaking of, i will be working on them any chance i get! Now that i have a job i have to get housework done before i go to work. I can't just screw around and draw or whatever like i did before now. Sorry!! I'll miss it too but i really want/need money! :D thanks for reading! those of you who read the whole thing you get 10 extra points!! lol I think the next post shall be about music... what you think??


  1. Remember, don't even think about mentioning Unions at WalMArt, you will be fired instantly!

  2. yeah i forgot that video. they claim to be 'pro associate' and not 'anti-union' but the way they said it, it made unions sound stupid and not at all a good idea!