Monday, October 25, 2010

For Willow and Gamefreak3335 and Jehabbi!

Okay so i finally got these pics done! I know they aren't my best and i'm really sorry about that!! I tried. They didn't come out as good as i wanted them to! So sorry again. But without further ado here they are!
They are as follows:
for Jehabbi- The Simpsons Family
for Willow- Bender!! :D
for Gamefreak3335- Fry!
Sorry if they suck eggs!


  1. thanks! i'm glad you like it! i was worried it wasn't good... lol

  2. Only thing missing is his antenna, he's only a partial manbot now :(

  3. @loneislander excuse me? theres no need for that kind of language. i'm sorry if you don't like it.

  4. Uh oh what I miss from loneislander?

  5. it was not nice. i deleted it. i guess he doesn't like futurama. and sorry about bender not having his antenna. i made him too fat and not tall enough. sorry!