Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Bleach 423

OH MY GOD!! NOOOOOO! that sucked!!! the most epic battle between aizen and ichigo which people have been waiting forever for, ended in like 3 chapters!! then ichigo looses his powers just like that? AND HE LOST HIS SEXY LONG HAIR!!!!!! i can deal with the fact that aizen is alive and just sentenced 20,000 years, and that ichigo's not a shinigami anymore, but how dare you take away his beautiful hair????? the ONLY good thing that comes from ichigo not having any powers is that ichiruki is now out of the question!! hahahaha i mean....sorry to all ichiruki fans...nah who am i kidding? IN THIER FACES!! jk jk lol but now ichihime can totes work! and what sucks most of all? the fact that there won't be another chapter til oct 27! i wanna cry!

ok enough venting. sorry but that just made me mad...oh well tite kubo must have a good reason for ending this arc like that...guess we'll have to wait and see....*heavy sigh*


  1. Aww that is totally lame!! Why did they take his hair!?

  2. Hey, just responding to a post on my blog. I read Prince of Tennis, Initial D, a little of Bleach and Naruto more recently, Gantz, Air Gear, Tenjo Tenge,and GTO to name a few. I haven't in a long while though. :) Following and supporting.