Sunday, October 10, 2010

Fan Art Suggestions!

 Yoshi~~! I got the first pic of all the suggestions done! I did Squritle first because i'm most familiar with him. Next i'm gonna work on the Simpsons Family. Bender is gonna be hard... i tried him once before and well... he didn't turn out so well... Also i'd be happy to do anything from Avatar: The Last Airbender!  I forget most of the shows i watch... So just try a character if you want to and see if i know it. But it may take a while. I got a lot of suggestions, which i'm happy i do, and also i'll be busy with everyday life and such. And for Pandor42 i'll post some pics of Squirtle i took before he was finished. I hope you like them. Squirtle wasn't my best... and sorry if you don't like him... >->' Anyways this is for Slumph! Hope you like him!! BTW Keep voting on the last poll i did! For your fav BLEACH captain! lol