Saturday, October 16, 2010

Happier-ish face!

It's only happier-ish cuz i still bummed about my adsense account. But no matters! I will continue to blog! But now i'ma blog about a whole bunch of other stuff i'm obsesse- i mean i like... nah i do mean obsessed with! lol. So i just finished Rick Riordan's new book 'The Lost Hero' and i FREAKING LOVE IT! It is by far my new favorite book and series! And it only has one book still! haha. If any of you like this book or read the 'Percy Jackson and The Olympians' series, you'll love this one! The series is called 'The Heroes of Olympus'. Also by Rick Riordan that's really good is the first (and so far the only) book in 'The Kane Chronicles': 'The Red Pyramid'! This guy is really awesome! Technically these books are more for younger-ish readers but i don't care! For those of you who know nothing about the series, it's having to do with the Greek Gods. How they have children with mortals, called demigods. An enemy arises and the gods need the help of their children, also called 'heroes'. The Red Pyramid is about Egyptian gods and goddesses. They are really awesome! Book 2 of 'The Heroes of Olympus' titled 'The Son of Neptune' is supposed to come out in Fall 2011! i can't wait! :D

thanks for the support! i will continue more random posting of what i love tomorrow! goodnight


  1. Great post I will be supporting you!

  2. yeah i know it is. i don't like sleeping but my mom is making me!

  3. Oh yeah I had that happen to me too.. filled out the appeal form and I hope we goth get our accounts back =) meanies they are :P :S