Sunday, October 10, 2010


Woo Hoo!! I went to the fair tonight!! I had soo much fun! I didn't ride any rides but i did get some freaking sweet bleach ichigo hollow mask earrings!!!!!!!! They match my necklace that i has too! So i totally wore my Bleach shirt and necklace and when i got the earrings i so took a pic so i can post it on here! lol. I had like 3 people tell me my shirt was awesome or cool or that they liked bleach! So yeah!! Go Bleach! I told those people to check out my blog. I hope they did!! Also on a really painful sidenote, after midnight (on 10-10-10-!) me and my brother Dillon, his wife Jara, and our friend Elisha all did the cinnamon challenge!!!!!!! It hurt like a mother bluffa!! lol. I'm pretty sure he posted it on youtube or is going to! I totally saw Sode no Shiraiyuki for sale for only 44.95!! But my parents were like 'nope' so i was all 'sad face! poo...' Anyways here's my pic of awesome Bleach coolness!!!!
Notice my necklace, shirt, and earrings!!! XD


  1. Don't you love it when random people come up and comment on something your wearing?

  2. ^ lol
    anyway, thanks for following my blog.
    following you back.

    i also love bleach btw. it's one of my favorite.

  3. awesome post, bro! waiting for MOAR

  4. Oh ya, i still wonder why it's called bleach in the first place LOL

  5. Stripshow behind you??? Lol nice earrings. How much?

  6. they were 15$ but totally worth it! and i did not notice that behind me! lol