Sunday, December 26, 2010

wow i kinda suck huh?

so, i kinda suck at keeping this blog alive huh? its hard...i've been working and playing on the computer but i always forget to post here! i sorrys!! i promise i'll try harder!

i just got Bioshock 2 tonight! :D i love that game.... but anyways i also got a buttload of candy! :D hahaha i love clearence candy.....anyways work has been good. i've been making moneys so thats even better! lol . oh yeah i cant do self-checkouts anymore at work cuz i'm not old enough to sell beer! :P but they were letting me for like a month....*sigh* whatevs. so with the money i've been getting i've spent it on crap at hot topic. i really like that place. i need to post a pic of me and my AWESOME hat! WARNING!: its really awesome. and will most likely cause jealousy! lol. :)

i'll try harder to keep this alive and what not!

love- Samara

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  1. Money sucks for that reason. I find it hard to keep a hold of it too. Steam just finished their sales which ate away a good chunk of money. I ended up with a collection of 50+ games on there though. Looking forward to future posts.