Thursday, December 16, 2010


Gomensai Minna! (Sorry Everyone!) I dont know where i've been lately...oh right work...
So anyways i got an iphone4!! its awesome!! and i'll be posting some new pics soon i promise!
if you oh so awesome followers of mine were kind enough to forgive me, i kinda lost my list of people to draw for.... -_-' sorry!! just let me know again and i'll make a new list! also i've added another anime to the list that i like! its Yugioh! i know i know Yugioh is dumb or gay, but i like it. OBVIOUSLY i like the Japanese version!

So let me know! thanks!


  1. Yay welcome back, gimme mah phone!

  2. thanks everyone!
    @Willow your funny! but i dont think soo!! sorry but i worked hard for my phone! maybe next time

  3. Yugioh's good, it brings back memories, though since I watched it as a kid I have only seen it dubbed.