Sunday, September 26, 2010


my name is Samara Christensen. i started this blog for fun. i TOTALLY love bleach!! but i despise the english version!!! they really ruin it. anyways...i've been a fan of bleach for about a year. i'm caught up on the anime and the manga. i am excited because the fourth movie is coming out in Dec. but it wont be subbed for like a year... :( anyways i'll just post stuff about bleach and other things here! thanks for taking time to read my blog. i appreciate it!! :)


  1. We can sub in less time than a year! Let's get working on it asap!

  2. Bleach is like the only anime i follow.
    Will be looking forward for more posts!

  3. blrach is great i onlye wish i coudl buy teh box sets lol

  4. @kmartsmartsuperstar we have no control over how long it takes but i wish it was sooner!!
    @Siryn for the most part bleach is the only anime i follow too but i recently picked up code geass. its good.
    @melinko i kno right? i found a box set for 10.99 at fye and totally bought it! only its from the bount invasion
    @Jacob thanks! its good to be here :) lol