Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Fan Art!

Here's some of my fan art!
Kurosaki Masaki and Kuchiki Rukia 
(Ichigo's mom) I drew Rukia first then made Masaki bigger than i expected

Ururu and Enraku
the bear is Inoue's

Kurosaki Ichigo
from when he was talking to his dad at Masaki's grave. It's not my best

Asano Keigo

Inoue Orihime
shut up i know. that's how the picture i copied it from was!!

Ichimaru Gin
   i don't like his eyes

Karin &Yuzu, Rukia, and Inoue
Karin & Yuzu are sleeping in the same bed because it's the anniversary of Masaki's death

Ichigo, Inoue, Rukia, and Yuzu
                                assortment of pics from volume 1

Arisawa Tatsuki
her hair on the right side was not in the pic so i tried my best to create it. it didn't turn out well...

Hope they weren't too bad lol! Thanks for looking! :)


  1. I love these pictures Mirna. My favorite is the one with the gynormous boobs! No, I'm just kidding. or am I????? Yeah. I am. I like the one of the girl who I think looks like a boy. Not that you drew it badly so it looks like a boy. It's just that she's wearing some sort of suit and she has really short hair and junk. Anyway...I like your pictures Mirna.

  2. thank you panda bear!! but actually the one you like is a girl. her name is Arisawa Tatsuki. she's wearing the school uniform. it has a coat. she doesn't always wear the coat, in fact she rarely does...but anyway she did in this pic. but thanks for commenting. guess no one else liked them...jk jk lol. ps- shut up about the boobs! that's how it was in the book i copied it from!!! -///-'